Flash Cards for Amateur Radio Study

Print files of flash cards for the Technician, General and Extra question pools can be downloaded from the Ham Education web site. There are four files for each license class - single pass, top, bottom and combined top/bottom for use with printers that print double-sided. All cards reference the ARRL manual chapter and page as a convenient detailed reference for the student.

Cards are printed eight to a page. Each card is approximately 3.78 by 2.40 inches. To be useful they would have to be manually cut. There are borders around each card.

Here are the links to the PDF files,

License ClassSingle Sided PrinterDouble Sided Printer
Print OnceTwo Pass Printing
General G1G1-TopG1-BottomG2
Extra E1E1-TopE1-BottomE2

 Suggestions for printing and cutting flash cards